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 Romania (Romanian: România) is a country in Southeastern Europe. It shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south. Romania has a stretch of sea coast along the Black Sea. It is located roughly in the lower basin of the Danube and almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory. 

Romania is a semi-presidential unitary state. As a nation-state, the country was formed by the merging of Moldavia and Wallachia in 1859 and it gained recognition of its independence in 1878. Later, in 1918, they were joined by Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia. At the end of World War II, parts of its territories (roughly the present day Moldova) were occupied by USSR and Romania became a member of Warsaw Pact. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Romania started a series of political and economic reforms that peaked with Romania joining the European Union. 
Romania has been a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007, and has the ninth largest territory in the EU and with 22 million people it has the 7th largest population among the EU member states. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest (Romanian: Bucure┼čti ), the sixth largest city in the EU with almost 2.5 million people. In 2007, Sibiu, a large city in Transylvania, was chosen as European Capital of Culture. Romania joined NATO on March 29, 2004, and is also a member of the Latin Union, of the Francophonie and of OSCE.

AnthemDeşteaptă-te române!
Location in the European Union
(and largest city)44░25'N, 26░06'E
Official languageRomanian
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
PresidentTraian Băsescu
Prime MinisterCălin Popescu-Tăriceanu
Declared9 May 1877
Recognized13 July 1878
EU accessionJanuary 1, 2007
Total238,392 km▓ / 92,043 square miles
July 2007 estimate22,276,056
2002 census21,680,974
Density93/km▓ || 236/square miles
Time zoneEET(UTC+2)
Internet .eu
Calling code+40
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  The DMC staff is multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish) and all are highly qualified professionals with years-long experience in tourism. Gamma Touristic has contract with all important hotels within the Romania and offers also packages combining Romania with Hungary, Bulgaria,Serbia and Croatia. The Inbound Tour Operator is offering full service for overseas tour operators: Meet & greet at Bucharest International Airport, transfers, hotel reservation, excursion and tours for FIT and groups. Gamma Touristicá is specialized in tailor-made programs for groups. .Gamma Touristic is handling the cruise ships of several American and German companies. For cruise companies, Gamma Touristic áis handling the shore excursions as well as excursions in the other neigbours country.

    The DMC has organized sophisticated Incentive Programs and Conferences for groups from Germany, U.K. -France and Belgium. We are ready also for special programs for events like the .European Cups We are able to facilitate a very good communication between our clients and the head office  top .Services for Incentives and Conferences

Convention Centers

Bucharest -The Capital of the Conferences and Meetings

    The capital of Romania -Bucharest is the most important economical, political and cultural center of the country. Bucharest is owing to its situation of all points Europe attainable here are 2 international Airports (Otopeni and Baneasa), where the flights are served by 36 international airlines and their infrastructures have European standard. Bucharest is mixture between West and East, with lively shopping streets and cosy cafes, with overcrowded Brasserien and elegant Restaurants, with Monumental Buildings (The Palace of the Parliament, The Royal Palace, the Romanian Ateneum, The National Museum of History) and romantic parks (Cismigiu Parc, Herastrau parc, Botanical Garden), which lends a Paris atmosphaere to the city.


   Bucharest offers also a rich culture life of western inspiration, with galeries, museums (National Museum of Arts), as well as various night life with numerous Clubs and Casinos. Bucharest is an important meeting place in Europa.The Palace of the Parliament, in addition, the large hotels of the international hotel chains are ideal places, in order to organize Congreses, Symposiums and Conferences. Placed in the historical and geographical center of Bucharest, the Palace of Parliament surprises by its grandiose external architecture and identical interior decoration. In the eklektischen quiet delighted, the Palace of the Parliament has over 6000 areas and extends on a surface of 265000 square meters; it is after the Pentagon into Washington the second largest administration buildings of the world.


   In the year 1994 open, the Palace of the Parliament accommodates the Parliament of Romania and in the meantime serves the Palace of the Parliament as a Ceremony Forum the pole tables and economic, scientific, cultural and artistic meetings .The Palace is set member of the International Association of the Congress Palaces (AIPC). These buildings offers halls of different sizes of 100 to 2000 square meters, with a maximum capacity of 3000 participants, as well as generous entrance halls and exhibition hall thus can all kinds by international congresses and conferences of large extent, as well as seminars, work meetings, symposiums, ceremonies openings, concerts, fixed evenings and receipts be organized here.


   The largest hall of the Palace of the Parliament is the Sala Unirii with 2450 sqm.We can organize here galla inners (1000 places), meetings (3.000 Personen), exhibitions and fairs. For the holding of lectures those is organized will ideal hall of the human rights - along one capacity by 60-150 places and a surface of 625 square meters, equipped with modern speaker system and interpreter mechanisms (4 channels, infrared, cordless). The Sala Nicoale Balcescu (Sall Nicolae Balcescu) has a surface of 540 sqm and a capacity of 50-200 places arranged in a rectangular form , of it 42 places at the table . The Sall Nicolae Iorga (hall Nicolae Iorga) has a surface of 625 sqm and 90-250 in the classroom style arranged places.One of the largest halls of the Palace of the Parliament is the Sall I.I.C.Bratianu with of a surface of 1,310 square meters and a capacity of 300-500 place for conferences respective ,500-700 of places for official receptions , world languages equipped in foreign languages(6 canals )und 3 entrances.


   Sometimes as the first room from the hall is used the combination the Sall Take Ionescu, with a total area of 1080 sqm as an ideal Exibiton and Wellcoming Sall ,also for approximately 300 person that hall Al.I. Cuza can be used as well as for conferences and for concerts, there it over because it has special acoustics .It has a surface from 2100 sqm and 1200 of seats in theatre arrangement apart from usual the interior arrangement, and it is the international conference center with modern Speraker and Interpretors utilities for numerous world languages equipped, and had also a competent team, that successfully all requirements answers.


   Chamber of Commerce of Romania and Bucharest is appropriate in the center Bucharest and orders over one of the most modern buildings in Romania for the organization of different seminars, conferences and meetings .CCIRB offers 8 halls for cca.300 persons and offers a pallet of specific services. The World Trade Center Bucharest is one for the most well-known places, audio video mechanisms,.Another, among them 2 modular halls, can be furnished for 20 each to 60 persons and they are for seminars, lectures, training meetings, interwiews or galla dinners .World Trade Center Bucharest ordered also a beautiful exhibition hall, and in the building of the World trade Platza is a surface of 780 sqm where you may exhibit ,here also is the hotel Sofitel, which has 4* .There are a lot of 4* hotels in the neighborhood of Sala Palatului-(The Palace Sall)-with the services a 4-* Sala Palatului (The Royal Palace Sall) is in the proximity of the Romanian Atheneums and consists of 2 halls, where meetings, conferences and symposiums with 350 to 4060 persons could be organized. Modernes Translationsystems and a 2000 sqm large showroom to supplement the mechanisms. Conference Center Bucharest has 2 conference halls with a capacity between 150 and 8000 places as well as the necessary mechanisms for the organization of different meetings and fixed receipt for the holding of the different kinds of exhibition offers itself ROMEXPO as large width units to exhibition center in Romania. It has 3 exhibition halls, halls with 250 to 700 places, internal showrooms of over 55,000 square meters and 45,000 square meters large exibition surfaces.The center has all equipment. The exhibition center Dalles necessary for these meetings is in center of the capital, apart from the National Theatre, and has 3 exhibition halls (230-280 sqm), Conference-and Meetings Sall (450 Places )as well as all equipment.In of the proximity of the Sall of the Palace and the Romanian Atheneums. Necessary for such meetings is also the National Art Museum(The Royal Palace), which has 3 halls (210-450 places) for the organization of exhibitions, lectures and meetings and order all the necessary equipment .The hotel Athenee Palace Hilton (asterisk 5) 10 halls planned for meetings from 2 to 300 persons, with and receipts.


   The hotel Crowne Platza(5*) is few minutes appropriate from the city centre and 12 km far away from the international airport Otopeni and can organise conferences and exhibitions in 7 halls for up to 200 persons;the hotel has all necessary equipments and mechanisms and specialised personnel.


   The hotel Intercontinental Bucuresti 5* lies in center of the capital in the proximity of the National Theatre. For conferences and meetings the hotel has a Sall R (20-30 places )-and the hall Hora (60-80 places) but also a larger one.Sala Ronda (for to 600 persons) fulfills all requirements for the groups, from work meetings to fashion and conferences, international congresses, cocktails,meetings and gala-dinners .One hall would receive intimately and fix evenings corresponds in the best way for management meeting or meeting with a private character. The Marriott Grand hotel is appropriate for city centre, the opera and the Botanical Garden in the center of Bucharest, in the proximity of the Palace of the Parliament and 20 km of the international airport Otopeni.The hotel has 10 exhibition halls, Conferences Salls-and Conference area with a total area of 2000 m2 has technological mechanisms on the conditions.


   Between this Salls these halls the Grand Ballroom(633 sqm, into 4 areas of divisible Saal), the Constanta Ballroom -350 sqm and Foaier-520 sqm. In the appropriate a city centre of Bucharest,are offerrings the hotels Bucuresti 4*,Novotel-4*, Golden Tulip Translationsystems and have the possibility, to organize Conferences, Receipts, and also Meetings and Seminars in halls between 25 up to 350 persons. The hotel Continental 4*, in the center of the capital, has 5 Halls (24-100 places ), special mechanisms for conferences, symposiums, work meetings and welcommings parties .The hotel Majestic-Ramada –4* can organize symposiums, seminars, work meetings and wellcomings parties in halls for 25-200 persons and can offer inclusive of modern technical equipment . Very important is that is new hotel Howard Johnson is into the city centre. The hotel Grand Phoenicia –4* hotel lies in the proximity of the international Airports Baneasa and Otopeni and has 10 exhibition halls, conferences -and conferences areas. The halls have the following names: Sall Bucuresti - 187 MP - capacity of 150 places in Amphitheater;Sall Saidon – 88 sqm capacity 110 places Sall Tyr - 81 sqm –capacity -100 places Sall Adon - 72 sqm Capacity-85 of places Sala Byblos - 33 sqm capacity -40 places Sala Teodosia - 25 sqm capacity -25 places -Sall Ambasador - 2 salons capacity -40 of places salll Diplomat-capacity-16 places .In a distance of some kilometers of the international airport, nearby museum of the village Otopeni is the Best Western Parc hotel –3* (there are 6 halls (25-400) places here with appropriate equipment for conferences, meetings, symposiums and welcoming parties. In Buftea, in the proximity of Bucharest, the palace Stirbei has &Hotel Stirbei –3* a conference hall for 20 to 100 persons already equipped.


Also very important is that is new RIN Hotel-4*-the biggest one in the Eastern Europe with its number of rooms and its number of Salls -and also the other 3-Rin Hotels (Rin Confort-Otopeni-Rin Otopeni and Confort Traian


   The Bucharest Sky Gate Hotel(3 asterisks) nearby the international airport Bucuresti Otopeni, 15 minutes far away from the city centre from Bucharest, has a conference center with 7 halls for 12 to 120 persons and appropriate mechanisms from international standard, including Speakers and Translationsystem in foreign languages.


   The center Snagov&Hotel Snagov 2* is in the proximity of Bucharest because of the large Snagov Lake .It has 3 halls with 25-300 places and all necessary mechanisms for conferences.The conference center of the Romanian olympic committee has 3*, lies likewise in the proximity of the Snagov of lake and offers 6 halls for 15 to 400 persons, furnished for conferences, meetings, symposiums and receipts, as well as an exhibition surface of 600 m2.


Meetings at the feet of the mountains


   Excepting the history of the monuments, the nature beautifulnesses, which gives us possibilities for climbing routes ski running etc.,and also wellknown for the treatment of different diseases in the air health resorts, the mountain resorts and places of Romania to the are offering to the visitors also ideal conditions for organising the meetings, conferences, seminars,galadinners,for the business people,politicians as well as for the science and artists


   In of a height of 900 m, nearby a volcanic mountain, at whose point the volcanic lake Sfanta Ana, is, Balvanyos, a very in demand health resort with stronger, ozon-und aerosol-rich air, a strengthening climate and fascinating prospect. Businessmen, artists, politicians and different associations know itself in the areas hotel of the Best Western Balvayos (3 *) meet-meeting that hotel organize conferences, seminars, work meetings, in addition, larger meetings, like congresses, symposiums or receipts in the 5 halls for 24 to 150 persons. The halls have are technicall equipped.


   Besides the attendance of the roustistic objects of interest like the Schwartze Kirchethe city hall and the 32 Basteien from the 14-15.Century, we must know that in the city Brasov could be organised also conferences, symposiums, meeting, exhibitions and receipts under excellent conditions in the International Trade Center(4 of halls, 20-1500 places,technical equipped), in the hotel Aro Palace(4*+5*), 7 halls, 20-400 places, high-production equipments, in the hotel Capitol-3*, 1 conference hall, 30-60 places, technical equipped and in the hotel Coroana-2*-1 hall, 20-40 Places)


   If one drives from Brasov from 15 km in the mountain direction he would reach the health resort Poiana Brasov, on 1030 sea-hight in the which is situated middle st of of Christmasstreesforest..It is ideally for winter sports,and it has 12 ski runways, under it also an olympic, as well as over football fields, basketball athletichs places with olympic standard, Swimmbaths, Fitnessalls, gymnastic mechanisms and Sauna.One of them appropriate meeting place is the Favorit Center, which have itself 2 Konferenzsaele( 115 - 300 places) and a showroom ( 500 sqm ) . Businessmen, diplomats and representative from different international Institution can also meet in the hotel complex Ana (3 hotel, and 4*. The conference center of the hotel Sportul (3 sterne) &Hotel Bradul ( 2 * ) , which was opened recently, has 6 halls ( of 15 - 280 places) for the organization from symposiums, seminars and receipts It offers in addition specialised personnel.Different meetings can also in the hotel Alpine one, 1 hall, max 300 of places), in the hotel Euro hotel 4*, 1 hall, 35 - 80 Places),and in the Hotel Piatra Mare - 4*


   At of the confluence of the rivers Timis and Prahova is situated Predeal, an ideal Mountain resort for winter sports friends, (over 100 days in the year snow lies) - and is also an ideal place for conferences,symposiums .Places in Predeal like Arexim Training Center & Hotel Orizont - 3*, 3 halls, ( 20 - 120 places ) with necessary equipment. and the Geiser Center & Hotel -3 *.5 halls, ( 20 - 140 places ) for all events . Sinaia, at the feet of the Bucegi of mountains, is for its ozon air of well - known health international resort - for conferences, seminars and receipts.We can also use the Casino ( 7 of halls, with 15 to 800 places ) ot the Palacel Foisor&Hotel Economat 3*, ( 1 hall, 60 - 100 Places. The Holiday Inn Resort ( 4 * ) offers place for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and Gala Dinners.It offers all necessary conditions, high-level equipped and 7 Salls ( 20 - 180 of places ) as well as to 280 sqm a large showroom. Also the hotel International&Conference Center ( 4 of halls, 25-200 Places ) , 3*, is equipped with specific mechanisms for the organization of meetings.

Conferences and Meetings on the Black Sea Coast


   Romania is a with its 245 km is enough for the Black Sea Coast and along 82 km coast together its holidays places , is in the summer time areal attraction. Excepting the numerous entertainment and recovery possibilities respective the possibilities of treatment different – diseases , which are offered from the health and spas-resorts of the Black Sea Coast, can the visitors here also economic or cultural interest notice and therefore Conferences , Meetings and Trainings to organise. Constanta, ( Tomis the ancient Greeks settled Fortress 2500 years ago of is today the most important place on the Romanian Black Sea Coast , and here we can organise conferences, and receipts in hotels like Oxford, Malibu, Ibis, hotels already equipped for such activities In a modern building lain in the city centre the restaurant library makes a conference hall available. With its magnificent architecture the Casino of Constanta is the ideal place for receipts, festessen and Galaadinners. In Mamaia, the nearest, the guests opportunity, business interests with the pleasure have connect-connecting those to hotels Savoy ( 3 * , 3 halls 60-125 Plaetze ) , a house of the hotel chain Best Western International, and Perla ( 3 * , 1 hall, 56 - 126 places, 254 sqm ) , as well as Rex, Iaki, Bavaria Blu, Riu Fantasy, Majestic Mamaia, Majestic Olimp, Majestic Venus, Europa -4 * -the biggest one on the Black Sea Coast, Astoria, Brittania, Riviera, Central, Victoria, Amiral, Perla, Ibis, Parc, Ambasador and they offer mechanisms for the meetings,conferences and congresses.


   On the ruins for the antiken city Callatis delighted Mangalia is situated in the southern part of the coast - 40 km from Constanta nearby the border with Bulgaria .The Centrul de Afaceri - Marea Neagra ( The Business Center ) , to also the hotel President belongs ( 4 * ) , offer the possibility, international symposiums, conferences and meetings to businessmen, diplomats and international institutions to organize - among other things connection with the Net and the database of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and 3 halls with 15 to 160 Plaetzen auch the Hotel Paradiso ( 3 * ) offers a Sall (52-180 of places) and 50 sqm an exhibition surface.


   Olimp Neptun are the most famous holidays places to the Black sea Coast .Even the tourism is here well developed it remain you an Oasis of Silence.The Complex Club Bazin is an ideal place for conferences and symposiums, with 4 halls for meetings and 3 halls for receipts and Gala Dinner from 25 to 307 m2.The complex Ambasador offer 3 halls with 20-70 places and nearby is the hotel Cocor-4* .The hotel Carmen-4 * and also Hotel Afrodita-4*into bathing resort the Venus and they have also new equipment


   In the Danube Delta the hotel Cormoran offers, as theatre with 100 places furnished general-purpose hall. 30 km away from Constanta the youth holidays place Costinesti,can organise numerous cultural and artistic meetings and it has a suitable conference hall for international conferences, concerts or film demonstrations.


Meeting and conferences in the most important cities of Romania.


   At the western border of Romania on the Mures river, is situated the city Arad.Die of the same name city lies near the points of border crossing Curtici and Nadlag and is important Railways Connection point. Here is also an international airport.Beside numerous touristics attractions in the city and in the environment, like the medieval castle, folklorikal customers museum, the alumina goods centers Tirnovita, Halmagel and Birsa is, finds one in Arad also numerous possibilities for politicians, businessmen or culture personalities, around to organise different meetings hotel Best Western Central ( 3 * ) offers 4 halls ( 6 – 24 Places ). The hotel Continental Astoria ( 3 * ) has 2 halls for 30 - 90 places and is already equipped, as well as with specialised personnel for the organization of seminars, receipts or symposiums.


   Situated on the Somesul Mic River, in the northwest of Romania, is Cluj Napoca.It is the same name is one the most important cultural center of Romania and is famous for his architectural monuments, among them the University, the Opera and the Academy of Arts, in addition, for the beautiful Botanical Garden, the biggest one of the country. Conferences, meetings and receipts known could be organized in ( 800 sqm a exibitionsurface ), in Casa Universitarilor House of the Universitys ( 1 hall, 250-300 places, equipped, 1 exhibition surface of 250 sqm ), in the hotel Transilvania ( 3 *, 1 hall, 100 - 120 Places ) and in hotel Napoca ( 2 * , 1 hall, 80 - 120 places and 300 sqm an exhibition surface ) in Expo Transilvania ( 1 hall, 80 - 200 places and 2 exibition salla-1500-10000 sqm ), in the complex Flamingo ( exibitionsurface - 1000 sqm ),and also in the Sala Sporturilor, 500 - 800 places . Iasi is the secondary most important culture city of Romania known throughj the Church Trei Ierarhi, the Bishop Cathedral, the National Theatre, the University of Medicine and Bellearte, the Copou park.There are about 12 hotels, where ca.1600 persons could be accommodated and there are also a lot restaurants and Cafees. In the city of the seven hills are organised meetings of politicians, businessmen and diplomats. We can offer it in the Palatul Culturii ( Palace of the Culture ) 3 halls ( 50 - 250 persons ) for the Conferences,also the National Theatre V.Alecsandri have 2 halls ( 100 and 800 Places ) and here the conferences, symposiums, seminars and receipts are on the highest European Niveau.The University of Iasi offer 2 halls with 300 places ( each ). The recently open World Trade Center can organize conferences, meetings and receipts in the 2 halls for 50 - 200 persons. In the year 200 the Net Conference center in contexts of the hotel complex Unirea became is open here 2 halls with 20 to 300 places, one finds mechanisms and services of international Standard.Im the west of Romania is Oradea, one the most important Economical Center of the country and capital circle meetings, conferences and receipts. In the hotel Dacia-Continental ( 3 * ) one can successfully organise here, where also exist the necessary mechanisms as well as 4 halls with 25-150 places are present, and also in the Spa Resort Felix ( Hotel Termal-3*-Hotel international l- 3 * )


   Sibiu is one of the old medieval German cities Romania, beside Brasov, Sighisoara, Bistrita and Medias.The visitor can admire the monumental building that here exist .The orthodox bishop church could be admired, as well as the Evangelist church, which for the transilvania gothischen quiet know – design - end is, further the catholic church in baroque style, Also we can admire the People Historical Museum, the Lie Bridge and the Wall of the Bastion .Die city has an international airport. In Sibiu can be organised conferences, symposiums and receipts in the hotel Continental in its 3 halls ( 20 - 150 places, technical available ) ,in the Romans Emperors Hotel-4*, in hotel Ramada Sibiu-4*-hotel Ana Tower Sibiu-4*-and in the Expo complex Bazna ( 1 hall, 70 places ).Im the western part of Romania, at the Bega river is Timisoara, the city into the 1989 the revolution against the communist regime startedr.The city is an important point of crossing is more differently route and here is also an international Airport .In Timisoara are numerous objects of touristic interest, like the Museum of the Banats, the House of the Prince from Savoia ( 18 th Century )und many others.In Timisoara there are numerous possibilities for the meetings, conferences, receipts and exhibition-considerably is the Bastion ( 350 places ) – Gutenbrunn ( 200 Places+1 exhibition surface of 90 m 2 ), Petrom ( 100 Places ) , The Western University (200 places) and many others new or renewed hotels with Conferences Salls.In the Southerneast part of Timisoara (cca.180 km) is the Spacenter Herculeswhich also has Salls for Conferences and Meetings.




   Gamma Touristic has many offers for organizing conferences and seminaries. In order to find a desirable location by yourself,we ll present you the list of the locations Moreover, you obtain from us a list of the hotels having adequate spaces for organizing conferences and seminaries. Gamma Touristic and Trade also organizes any kind of event: conferences, seminaries, cocktails, congresses, business meetings, press conferences, etc. Our agency identifies, plans, manages and operates all the services necessary for the organizing of an event, depending on the type, budget and client's requests. You can organize pleasant and instructive seminaries about how to please customers, how to amaze them. How to make them come back for other purchases and recommend you without your request. Teach your staff how to create faithful customers through New Standards and Good Practice, before your competition does it. Such seminaries are extremely useful for your entire team. Or maybe stimulate everyone with motivation seminaries, positive thinking: how to like what they are doing, to have fun doing it and to become the best. How to achieve recognition, how tot take responsibilities and be more enthusiastic. Personal development is important for everyone in the team, and thus for the entire team. Teambuilding in the weekend, two or three days in the mountains, in a picturesque and peaceful landscape... Imagine all these benefits in a natural and pleasant surrounding, in great comfort, mingled with recreational activities in the middle of nature, pleasant, energizing and fun and - why not - followed by a small party. We take care of everything: locations, equipment, budget, concept - we build programs suited to your needs, summer or winter, all you need to do is tell us your objective.

Our mission is that your event we ll be a succesfull one ! |

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